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Ying Yang Tealight holder

Himalayan Salt Ying Yang Tealight Holder


Discover the captivating equilibrium of light and shadow with our Himalayan Salt Yin Yang Tealight Holder. Carved from genuine Himalayan salt, this unique piece embodies the yin-yang symbol’s essence, infusing your space with a harmonious glow that represents balance and unity. Key Features:
  • Symbolic Design: The yin-yang symbol signifies the interplay of opposing forces and the quest for harmony. This tealight holder captures that essence, bringing a sense of balance and wholeness to your environment.
  • Genuine Himalayan Salt: Each holder is meticulously crafted from natural Himalayan salt, revealing its inherent beauty and texture. When illuminated, it casts a warm and inviting glow that embodies tranquility.
  • Visual Serenity: Whether placed on a meditation altar, bedside table, or mantel, the yin-yang tealight holder is a visual reminder of the need for balance and serenity in our daily lives.
  • Gift of Equilibrium: Share the concept of balance and unity with loved ones by gifting this symbolic tealight holder. It’s a unique present that imparts a profound message.

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