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White Heart shaped Tea Light

Himalayan white salt Heart shaped Tealight Holder


Embrace the purity and tenderness of love with our Himalayan White Salt Heart-Shaped Tealight Holder. Handcrafted from genuine Himalayan white salt, this delicate piece illuminates your space with a soft and enchanting glow, casting an ambiance of love and serenity. Key Features:
  • Heartfelt Design: The heart shape of this tealight holder encapsulates love, making it a perfect addition to spaces where affection and warmth are cherished.
  • Genuine Himalayan White Salt: Each holder is carved from authentic Himalayan white salt, revealing its natural textures and hues. When illuminated, it radiates a gentle and soothing light that adds an element of purity to your environment.
  • Symbol of Love: The heart-shaped holder not only infuses your space with light but also serves as a symbolic reminder of the love that fills our lives.
  • Gift of Love: Express your feelings of love and care by gifting this heart-shaped holder to someone special. It’s a meaningful and thoughtful gesture that lights up hearts.

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