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Sriracha Flavored Salt

Himalayan Sriracha flavor salt is a hot chili salt made with red peppers, garlic, sugar, Himalayan salt,


Our Himalayan Sriracha Flavored Salt is a fiery blend of hot chili flavor, red peppers, garlic, sugar, and the natural goodness of Himalayan salt. This unique salt creation delivers the bold and zesty essence of Sriracha to your dishes, transforming them into a spicy sensation. Key Features: Sriracha Spice Infusion: Our Himalayan Sriracha Flavored Salt is crafted by infusing the finest Himalayan salt with the heat of red peppers, the richness of garlic, and a hint of sweetness from sugar. The result is a hot and savory seasoning that captures the essence of Sriracha sauce. Himalayan Purity: We source our salt from trusted natural reserves, ensuring that you receive pure, unadulterated salt enriched with essential minerals. Versatile Heat: Whether you’re spicing up stir-fries, marinating meats, or adding an extra kick to your favorite dishes, this salt is your secret ingredient for a burst of Sriracha-inspired flavor. A Taste of the East: Our Sriracha Flavored Salt brings the bold and spicy flavors of Thailand to your kitchen. It’s perfect for those who love the distinctive taste of Sriracha. Elevate your culinary creations with our Himalayan Sriracha Flavored Salt, a gourmet delight that captures the essence of the beloved Sriracha sauce.

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