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Pink Cross

Himalayan Pink Salt Cross shaped Tealight Holder


Experience the fusion of faith and tranquility with our Himalayan Pink Salt Cross-Shape Tealight Holder. Crafted with reverence from authentic Himalayan pink salt, this exquisite piece forms a cross silhouette that radiates a warm and serene glow, casting an aura of spiritual elegance. Key Features:
  • Symbol of Faith: The cross shape embodies faith, hope, and spirituality. This tealight holder beautifully captures these sentiments, making it a meaningful addition to your decor.
  • Genuine Himalayan Pink Salt: Carved from pure Himalayan pink salt, the holder emanates a soothing rosy hue when illuminated by a tealight. Its natural variations add to its unique charm.
  • Divine Illumination: When the tealight is lit, the cross silhouette glows gently, creating an ambiance of serenity and spiritual connection.
  • Faithful Decor: Whether placed on an altar, mantel, or bedside table, the Pink Salt cross-shaped tealight holder brings a touch of divine elegance to any space.

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