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Himalayan Body Scrub (Lavender)

Made with Himalayan salt and lavender essential oil to gently remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling soft


Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation with our Himalayan Body Scrub (Lavender). Crafted with care, this scrub combines the purity of Himalayan pink salt with the soothing essence of lavender essential oil to gently exfoliate and leave your skin feeling irresistibly soft. Key Features: Pure Himalayan Pink Salt: Mined from the Himalayan salt mines, our scrub features natural and mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt, offering a gentle yet effective exfoliation for your skin. Nourishing Sweet Almond Oil: Infused with Sweet Almond Oil, this scrub provides a dose of hydration, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and deeply nourished. Skin-Loving Ingredients: Glycerin and Cetearyl Alcohol contribute to the luxurious texture of the scrub, enhancing its moisturizing and conditioning properties. Calming Lavender Aromatherapy: Lavender oil not only adds a delightful fragrance but also brings a sense of calm, making your exfoliation experience a moment of tranquil indulgence.

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