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Garlic Flavored Salt

Himalayan Garlic salt is a seasoned salt made of a mixture of dried, ground garlic and pink salt with an anti-caking agenta


Explore the robust flavors of our Himalayan Garlic Flavored Salt, a seasoned salt crafted from a perfect blend of dried, ground garlic and pink salt. This exquisite fusion enhances your culinary creations with the savory allure of garlic. Key Features: Garlicky Goodness: Our Himalayan Garlic Flavored Salt brings together the natural purity of pink salt with the rich and aromatic essence of dried, ground garlic, resulting in a salt blend that’s bursting with garlic goodness. Himalayan Purity: We source our salt from trusted natural reserves, ensuring that you receive pure and unadulterated salt enriched with essential minerals. Versatile Seasoning: Whether you’re adding depth to pasta, steaks, roasted vegetables, or simply seasoning your favorite dishes, this garlic salt is your go-to ingredient for a burst of savory flavor. Anti-Caking Convenience: Our garlic salt is thoughtfully designed with anti-caking agents for easy and hassle-free use, ensuring your seasoning is smooth and even. Elevate your dishes with the rich flavors of our Himalayan Garlic Flavored Salt.

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