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Flower Night Light

Flower Shaped Himalayan Salt Night Light


Discover the perfect union of nature’s allure and holistic wellness with our flower-shaped Himalayan Salt Night Light. Meticulously crafted, this night light boasts an enchanting flower-shaped design, carved from authentic Himalayan salt. Let its gentle glow infuse your surroundings with both beauty and the serene essence of the Himalayas, while also offering potential benefits. Key Features:
  • Enchanting Flower Design: The flower shape of this Himalayan salt night light adds an elegant touch to your decor, catering to those who appreciate the blend of modern aesthetics and the calming allure of Himalayan salt.
  • Authentic Himalayan Salt: Sourced from genuine Himalayan salt reserves, each night light boasts unique variations in color and texture. As the salt is delicately warmed, it emits a serene and inviting radiance that transforms your environment.
  • Tranquil Illumination: Emitting a gentle and soothing light, the flower-shaped Himalayan Salt Night Light creates an ambiance of relaxation and well-being. A perfect addition to bedrooms, hallways, or any space seeking a touch of natural grace.
  • Potential Holistic Benefits: When heated, the salt releases negative ions into the air, contributing to air purification and fostering a healthier indoor environment.

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