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Chillli Garlic Flavored Salt

Himalayan Pink salt is mixed to create a perfect balance with a blend of chillies and roasted garlic.


Our Himalayan Chilli Garlic Flavored Salt, a tantalizing blend of pink salt that strikes a perfect balance with the bold flavors of chillies and roasted garlic. This exceptional combination will ignite your taste buds with a harmonious fusion of heat and savory depth. Key Features: Harmonious Blend: Our Himalayan Chilli Garlic Flavored Salt expertly combines the natural purity of pink salt with the fiery zest of chillies and the aromatic richness of roasted garlic to create a well-balanced flavor fusion. Himalayan Purity: We meticulously source our salt from trusted natural reserves, ensuring you receive pure, unadulterated salt enriched with essential minerals. Versatile Heat: Whether you’re spicing up soups, stir-fries, or adding an extra kick to your favorite dishes, this chilli garlic salt is your secret ingredient for a burst of bold flavor. Exquisite Seasoning: Our Chilli Garlic Flavored Salt is perfect for those who seek the captivating taste of chilli garlic, and it adds an exciting dimension to your culinary creations. Elevate your culinary adventures with the fusion of heat and savory depth in our Himalayan Chilli Garlic Flavored Salt.

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