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Chilli Lime Flavored Salt

Himalayan Chilli lime flavored salt contains natural Himalayan salt, chilli flavor and lime’s touch.


Our Chilli Lime Flavored Salt, a harmonious marriage of natural Himalayan salt, the fiery kick of chili flavor, and the zesty touch of lime. This exquisite salt blend will transport your taste buds to a world of bold, tangy, and spicy sensations. Key Features: Spicy-Chili Infusion: Our Himalayan Chilli Lime Flavored Salt combines the natural purity of Himalayan salt with the fiery essence of chili and the zesty brightness of lime. The result is a tantalizing and well-balanced flavor that adds a spark to your culinary creations. Himalayan Purity: We source our salt from trusted natural reserves, ensuring that you receive the finest, unadulterated salt enriched with essential minerals. Versatile Flavor: Whether you’re grilling, seasoning, marinating, or simply sprinkling it over your favorite dishes, this salt is your go-to ingredient for a burst of exciting flavors. Exotic Zest: The fusion of chili and lime adds a touch of exotic flair to your meals, making it a perfect companion for dishes that need that extra punch. Elevate your dishes with our Chilli Lime Flavored Salt, a gourmet delight that marries the essence of Himalayan salt with the boldness of chili and the vibrancy of lime.

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