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3 hole natural Tealight holder

Himalayan Salt Natural Tealight Holder with 3 holes for candles


Discover the enchanting allure of triple illumination with our Himalayan Salt Natural Tealight Holder, featuring three candle holes. Meticulously crafted from authentic Himalayan salt, this distinctive piece casts a serene radiance from all directions, infusing your space with a sense of calmness and balance. Key Features:
  • Triple Illumination: With three candle holes, this tealight holder creates a mesmerizing triad of gentle glows. It bathes your surroundings in a warm light that emanates from multiple angles, evoking a soothing and balanced ambiance.
  • Genuine Himalayan Salt: Each holder is a work of art, carved from pure Himalayan salt, showcasing its inherent textures and hues. When lit, it releases a serene radiance that transforms your environment.
  • Versatile Charm: Whether placed as a centerpiece, on a shelf, or in a tranquil corner, this holder adds an artistic touch and peaceful aura to any space.
  • Customize Your Harmony: Light one, two, or all three candles to suit your mood and ambiance. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, or enhancing the aura of tranquility.

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